FEBRUARY 27, 2019 | 02:13:11 PM

The Company shall comply with the debt servicing requirements of the creditors. The Company shall also ensure that the documentary requirements of the creditors are complete, accurate and submitted on time.


Creditors are regularly provided financial and operational information about the Company through quarterly and annual investors’ briefings. The Company’s Treasury Head updates the creditors of the Company’s performance on a regular basis and when there is an immediate need. New contracts/agreements for investments, loan availments, asset disposals, mergers and acquisitions, etc. are reviewed by the Company’s Legal Department in order to determine if certain provisions may violate existing loan covenants. In cases when certain covenants will be breached, the Treasury seeks the consent of creditors to undertake the new initiative or when appropriate, negotiate with counter parties to remove/modify provisions that may have a consequence of breaching any loan covenants.