On the wings of multimedia success

May 02, 2016 at 01:17 PM
On the wings of multimedia success

Hailed as the year’s “Most Innovative TV Series” and “Household Favorite TV Program”, ABS-CBN’s “On the Wings of Love” or “OTWOL” enjoyed tremendous success not only during its television run but across various platforms where it magnificently spread its wings. The primetime romance drama ended its run on Philippine TV last month, complete with a grand wedding of the lead characters and a live hook-up of its finale viewing party, earning an all-time high rating of 27.8% with a 57% share. The finale also generated buzz on social media, earning almost 4 million tweets worldwide while its official website,, earned more than 11 M views in just four months. It is also currently the most watched TV show on iWanTV, ABS-CBN’s digital content platform.

OTWOL-based merchandise flew off the shelves like crazy; the scrapbook based on the female lead character, had the largest book signing event wherein 5,000 people attended and more than 2,000 copies were sold. Consequently, thousands of fans also showed their love for the show’s two lead stars, popularly known as “JaDine” as tickets for their concert entitled “JaDine in Love” were sold out hours after the first announcement.

Partly shot in San Francisco, California, OTWOL follows the story of Clark Medina and Leah Olivar played by James Reid and Nadine Lustre, now dubbed as the “Prince and Princess of Philippine Television” respectively. As two equally struggling Filipino breadwinners in America, they get married out of convenience in the hopes of having a better life. Things change along with time and they find themselves falling hopelessly in love with each other. And just like how Clark and Leah’s marriage went from fake to forever, James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s love story also went from reel to real. Their friendship blossomed into something more throughout the course of their OTWOL journey, and now they’re officially a couple. You can watch their swoon-inducing travel diary here. Although the curtain may have closed for OTWOL, it’s definitely not yet the end for JaDine. In fact, they are currently working on a new movie and preparing for their upcoming world tour which includes performances in Doha, Dubai, London, and Milan.

“On the Wings of Love” is now available for worldwide distribution via the ABS-CBN International Distribution.

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