release date (philippines) 18 June 2010
Comedy, Romance

Since I Found You


Nathan Capistrano is the 40-year-old CEO of Golden Builders, Inc. Born in poverty, he rose to the top through sheer determination that caused him to develop a rigid outlook on life. But despite his current wealth and success, he is quick to realize how lonely it can be at the top.

However, all that seemingly changes the moment he meets Dani Cobarrubias, a spunky yet family-oriented 20-something millennial who wins him over and ends up working as an intern in his company.

As Dani familiarizes herself with the company culture, she meets the rest of her colleagues: Ginno Arnaldo, Nathan's charming right-hand man, Janice Espina - Nathan's loyal secretary, and James Ribs - the wise-cracking personal driver.

But this blossoming romance isn’t just between two people, it’s between a full five-person band. And as their lives intertwine, will each one of them be able to find the love they've been longing for?


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