release date (philippines) 12 August 2009
Romance, Drama

And I Love You So Movie


When Lara lost her husband of five months, she didn't think she could go on living, much less love again.
Now, seven months later, Lara is still mourning. Every time a loved one died, someone else was there to cushion the blow. When her mother died when she was 14, it was her father. When her father followed six years later, there was the rest of the family. But when her husband died, no one could offer any consolation - not her siblings, not her in-laws, not her friends. Not only was he the love of her life, he had also become her life. It would have been better if she had died with him.
In the meantime, her business - has taken a nosedive. She's also deep in debt with her unpaid condo and car mortgages. With all her predicament, how would Oliver and Chris figure in her life. Will she finally move on?

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