release date (philippines) 02 September 2015
Romance, Drama

Ex with Benefits


“EX with Benefits” follows the story of former lovers, 35-year-old Adam Castrances and 28-year-old Arkisha Aragon. Adam and Arki went to school together and had a promising relationship until Arki suddenly left Adam without a word. Since then, Adam regards Arki as his “TOTGA” – The One That Got Away. They finally cross paths years after their breakup. And, there's something they can't get enough of - "benefits." However, just as everything is getting back on track, the secrets of the past will resurface, forcing Adam and Arki to discover if exes could really give each other a second chance or not. What if the love EXpires, but the fun EXtends? Will they be able to heal the pain from the past?

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