release date (philippines) 26 September 2018
Comedy, Romance

Exes Baggage


The story begins two years after the break up between Pia (Angelica Panganiban) and Nix Cabangon (Carlo Aquino) and they were invited in the party made by the married couple Reyna (Dionne Monsanto) and Tops. It shows some flashbacks where Pia and Reyna gazed on Nix at the bar which leads Pia to begin their romantic relationship with Nix after they both explained their main problems about their exes and Nix's hospitality to her. As soon as Pia sees Migs (Joem Bascon) and his family at All Home, Nix became jealous to her which leads them to have a fall out with each other at their home and is often mentioned about Nix's ex-girlfriend Dwein (Coleen Garcia). Nix soon apologizes to Pia for his rash behavior and not to mentioned about his ex. As Dwein showed up with Tops for the furnitures she wanted for Nix, this causes Pia to get jealous, realizing that Nix still have feelings for her and she was the main reason why Pia had broke up with Nix and left him at his home without stopping her.
Back at the present day, the two reintroduced themselves after their break up despite their actions between them until Tops' announcement to have a second baby with Reyna as the band plays the song that Nix sang for Pia in their previous relationship. When both Pia and Nix almost kissed, it was revealed that Pia had already have a boyfriend named Anton who called her back home which makes Pia to leave the party. As Pia gets inside the car to get home, Nix showed up to say goodbye to her while calling her car as Ogie (which Pia names it in the beginning of the film). Pia finally refuses to call back on Anton from her phone and decides to reconcile with Nix.


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