release date (philippines) 16 June 2018
Romance, Drama



Following a tumultuous past relationship, Lia Marquez is a humble school teacher who has found love again the arms of her new fiancé, the kindhearted Philip Cordero. Hailing from a political family, he is currently running to clinch their city's mayoral position after his father's term ends.

However, the potential pressures of a life in the public eye are the least of Lia's worries, especially when her ex, Wado dela Costa, of all people, is hired to help with a project that would greatly aid Philip in the elections.

Now, with her wedding day drawing closer, lines are blurred and feelings resurface as Wado is determined to win Lia back no matter the deed or cost. But it isn't just an engagement in jeopardy, it's someone's carefully-crafted reputation.


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