release date (philippines) 29 October 2008
Comedy, Romance

My Only You


Bong, a tenement manager, who has always liked his friend Winona but never summoned the courage to tell her of his feelings. He has no idea that Winona is also interested in him romantically.
One day, in the tenement he is managing, he receives final notes from their late neighborhood doctor’s assistant: one for him, one for Winona. When he checked his, he found out he was given a clean bill of health. He was worried for Winona who belongs to a family whose women all die before the age of 25. Bong knows Winona is turning 25 soon and the medical notes might just confirm that so-called curse.
Bong opens the letter from the doctor: Winona has lupus and she will die soon.
Bong vows to make Winona’s remaining days happy and perfect. In the process, they became closer to each other and begin to fall in love. Then Winona finally turned 25. She didn’t die. She finds the letter sent by the hospital. She discovers her results were actually negative.
Bong was thrilled to know about the good news. But then, whose positive results did he actually read?

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