release date (philippines) 14 February 2018
Drama, Suspense

Sin Island


Living a picture perfect life of wedded bliss, David is a photographer married to Kanika, a flight attendant. But an accident occurs during one of David's photoshoots that puts a heavy damper on his career leading to a deep depression.

With their lifestyle changed, Kanika is forced to become the breadwinner - much to her frustration at shouldering all the couples' responsibilities.

Yearning for a distraction, Kanika ends up starting an emotional affair with a colleague. However, David soon discovers this, and coupled with his own insecurities, ventures off to spend time away from his wife at a resort dubbed "Sin Island".

There, David meets the alluring Tasha - a fashion designer who he ends up having his own affair with. But two wrongs don't make a right. And when both Kanika and David decide to repair their marriage, Tasha’s shadow continues to linger.


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