release date (philippines) 22 March 2008



Nymfa is a staff of a make-up and prosthetics artist. Macho is a lover boy. Macho, well, not much has changed in him since he was little. The little boy is now known as Adonis. Together with his gang from the orphanage, they bought three food kiosks that transform to make Foodash. It is their humble source of living.
Blaming himself for his friends’ misfortune, Adonis doubts his own capabilities and always bows to his friends’ wishes. He desires only one thing, to be loved and to have a family of his own. But he doesn’t know how to get it until fate intervenes and brings Athena to Adonis’ life. They get along well and his feelings for this lovely and very caring woman just grew. However, he realizes that the only way to her heart is through Atong, her son.
For Adonis, challenging isn’t enough to describe Atong. Aside from being mischievous, he also demands one great quality from any man who wishes to have his mother: he has to come from a big family.
Desperate to have the woman and the kid he has already learned to love, Adonis does the greatest performance of his life. Using Nymfa’s props, costumes and make-up, he creates his own family in himself. Adonis becomes Tita Barbara, Lola Paulina, and cousin Apol Dayap. His ‘family’ wins Athena and Atong for Adonis. But his lie won’t last long. Athena discovers his betrayal and throws Adonis out of their lives.
Is there still hope for their funny yet poignant story? Will they still become a family?

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