release date (philippines) 20 August 2014

Talk Back and You're Dead


It all started with a fight. Miracle Samantha “Sam” Perez finds herself confronting “bad boy” Timothy Odelle “Top” Pendleton over her friend he supposedly had hurt. The next events are intense, crazy, with huge doses of sweetness in between: There’s kidnapping, fixed relationships, whisking someone away with a helicopter, just to name a few. Sam, the “perfect girl,” becomes smitten with Top, and the feeling is mutual. Top is not an easy guy to be with, though: He’s a gang leader, ready to throw punches without batting an eyelash, foul-mouthed (he calls Sam “retard” all the time), and he smokes. But underneath that exterior lies a heart with so much love to give. Making things all the more complicated are the people who would get in the way of the two. Is Top’s best friend Red really a friend, or a foe? Can Sam’s rival Audrey be anything but that? How will the lovebirds’ families react? Indeed, this is one crazy, “astig” love story.

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