release date (philippines) 30 November 2011
Comedy, Romance

Won't Last A Day Without You


Awarded radio personality George Harrison Apostol, known as DJ Heidee to her listeners, provides love advice to people who are having problems in their relationships. DJ Heidee receives a call from a girl named Melissa who is asking advice on how to break up with her boyfriend Andrew. Unfortunately, Andrew is listening to the same program and hears Heidee telling Melissa how they should break up. Andrew blames Heidee for what happened and even threatens to sue her for giving that particular advice. In order to prevent a legal battle, and to ease her conscience, Heidee decides to help Andrew win Melissa back. In the process of getting the two together, Andrew and Heidee begin to feel an attraction toward each other. Will they be able to overcome their past and become lovers instead?

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