release date (philippines) 09 May 2011
Drama, Fantasy

100 Days to Heaven


100 Days to Heaven tells the story of Ms. Anna Manalastas, the strict CEO and owner of a toy empire. Due to her painful past, she becomes a cold and unkind person. Employees of the company are either afraid of her or hold grudges against her because of her strict and authoritarian attitude towards them and others.
One evening, she is killed in a car explosion and her soul arrives in front of the Gates where she meets the Gate Keeper. Anna realizes she is about to go to Hell. But being a good negotiator, she strikes a deal with the Gate Keeper to give her a second chance at earning a ticket to Heaven. Anna is given a mission—she is given 100 days to do good to those she had wronged in her life. But it won’t be as easy as she expects. Once on earth, she realizes that she is not back as her old self but as a helpless 7-year old. If her mission is successful, she'll be allowed into heaven. 

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