release date (philippines) 16 May 2022
Comedy, Romance

2 Good 2 Be True


2 Good 2 Be True Eloy (DANIEL PADILLA) is a charming mechanic who also pursues a law degree so he can free his imprisoned father. He soon finds out that someone is hindering his father’s freedom.  With his wits and disarming charm plus the help of his crafty friends, Eloy discovers that a certain real estate magnate named Hugo Agcaoili might be the mastermind behind his father’s injustice. This will inadvertently put him in Ali’s life (KATHRYN BERNARDO), the distrustful trainee assistant of his target, Hugo. Interestingly, everytime he meets Ali he is a different man. She first suspected him as a con man in a hotel heist, then, as a good samaritan who saved her mother from a scam, and now as a mechanic to her sugar daddy, Hugo. But both are actually presenting a different persona of themselves.Unknown to Eloy, Ali is also keeping a secret. She’s is not Hugo’s trainee assistant or lover but his private nurse.Hugo was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he is keeping this to everyone except to his personal driver and Ali. He hired Eloy not knowing his sinister plan. As Eloy infiltrates the cold and lonely Hugo, he also gets entangled with Ali. At first Eloy thought she is just a gold digger who is after Hugo’s money but will soon learn that Ali is a nurse who’s concerned with her deteriorating patient.The two will become an unlikely ally in helping Hugo as his disease progress. Hugo is running out of time and wanted to find his heir before his memory fades. Eloy and Ali start to see each other beyond their failed first impressions as they get to know Hugo more. But for Eloy, love is a distraction to his real goal of proving his father’s innocence.He digs deeper before Hugo loses his memory only to find out that he is Hugo’s long lost heir and grandson. This bombshell is just the tip of the iceberg, because more secrets lurk under the surface – and as Eloy and Ali embark in uncovering the truths, they ultimately find themselves in a journey of trust, forgiveness, and a love that is too good and very true.   


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