release date (philippines) 09 October 2012
Romance, Drama

A Beautiful Affair


A Beautiful Affair is a sweeping love triangle story. Leon Riego, a brilliant architect and Gen Saavedra, an heiress, first meet in Austria as two broken souls. Their mutual attraction will temporarily unburden them of their respective miseries – Leon from the guilt brought by the death of his adoptive mother, and Gen who is trying to move on from the betrayal of a former  fiancée. Together, they explore the romantic cities of Vienna and Salzburg. In each other’s pains they find strength, and in each other’s bitterness they find love. However, despite the undeniable attraction between them, they decide to part ways and fix their lives before choosing to love again.  A year later, fate brings them together again, but unbeknownst to Leon, Gen is already in a relationship with construction magnate Edward Pierro who has been an important figure in his life since childhood and has helped him to achieve his dream of becoming an architect. How will Edward deal with the knowledge of Gen’s encounter with Leon in the past? Who between the two men will Gen choose? Which will carry more weight for Leon – his love for Gen which he believes will mend his shattered soul or his loyalty to Edward brought by debt of gratitude?