release date (philippines) 17 June 2013
Drama, Family

Against All Odds


Anessa, a simple girl, falls for Eros, a rich young man who turns her life into a nightmare. Anessa belatedly finds out that Eros has a violent streak sparked by his obsessive love for her.

Romulus and Helena, her in-laws. refuse to accept her as their son's wife and favor Alexis, Eros' childhood best friend.

Anessa decides to escape Eros' clutches, along with their child Emman. In the process, she discovers that Eros is part of an illegal diamond smuggling operation. A police agent, Alejo, takes her into custody as a witness against Eros.

Anessa and Emman are traed by Ros, and Anessa ends up being shot. Eros takes Emman to New York, and starts a new life with Alexis.

While presummed dead by her family and her in laws, Anessa is actually alive. A kind doctor helps Anessa transform into an educcated sophisticate, who will do everything to get the bittersweet taste of revenge against everyone who tried to bring her down.


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