release date (philippines) 21 January 2013

All For Love


Ruth Manrique executes a "Kidnap Me" ploy to get her wealthy family's attention, but her plan is foiled when Inspector Bogs Dagohoy rescues her. She later wins the heart of Bogs, only to break it later when she pursues her modeling dream overseas.
Unexpectedly, Bogs finds a new love in the person of Roxanne, Ruth's older sister. Her father disinherits Roxanne when she marries Bogs. Even without the Manrique family's blessings, Bogs and Roxanne manage to have a simple yet blissful married life.
Fifteen years later, tragedy strikes when Roxanne is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With little time left in her hands, she decides to mend family ties and broken hearts, includinding hers and Ruth's.
As Roxanne's physical condition worsens, she tries to bring Ruth and Bogs together- knowing that they are each other's one great love and to pave new beginnings for their families.