release date (philippines) 15 January 2018
Action, Drama



Separated by a fire that destroyed their home and took their parents’ lives, Juliana and Katrina turn from sisters to strangers.

They each start a new life after getting adopted by two different families who lived hundreds of miles apart. While Juliana decides to keep her name and identity, Katrina changes hers into Samantha Del Mundo.

Years later, their worlds cross when Juliana coincidentally falls in love with Gael, Samantha’s ex-boyfriend. Fueled by jealousy, Samantha hatches a plan to kill Juliana, not knowing she is her long lost sister.

Unfortunately for her, Juliana survives.

Seeking revenge, Juliana rebuilds her life and vows to destroy Samantha, along with everyone else who has hurt her.

What will happen once the chaos is over and the truth comes out?


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