release date (philippines) 05 March 2018
Drama, Fantasy



In a land of legend and lore, powerful forces help shape humanity's path.

The vast world of Sansinukob is a magical realm comprised of five different regions: The Desert, the Plains, the Forests, the Seaside, and the Trade Zone.

And while these regions coexist, peace doesn’t last between them. But all that changes when five people, each hailing from one of the five regions, are united to fulfill a legendary mission.

Lakas is a desert warrior wanting to prove his worth, Ganda is a farmer with a face as beautiful as her heart, Lakam is a wealthy man looking for approval, while Mayari is a sea-folk slave who dreams of freedom and Dumakulem is an adventurous forest dweller.

Despite being strangers, they all share one common trait: the innate goodness within their hearts. And because of this, they are granted mystical powers they must use to protect their world from the evil that threatens to destroy it.

But as their journey begins, they will have to find out just what it means to be a hero and ultimately conquer the evils that lie among and within them.


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