release date (philippines) 13 August 2018
Romance, Drama



As a young boy, Lino knew that everything happens for a reason. So when Jacky came into his life and became friends, he knew that their bond was unbreakable.
But her father, Mauro, disapproved of their friendship and constantly tried to keep them apart through the years, but to no avail. So when a tragic accident had befallen Jacky’s family, Mauro was able to put a distance between the two. Not long after, Lino returned and promised that he’ll never leave her behind ever again.
And so their friendship turned into a great romance. But their love was short-lived because one night, another tragedy struck and took the life of his father, Gustin
In his rage bore the desire to get away with Jacky. But when he realized that their love will only hurt his family and bring more pain to Jacky, he made the most painful choice of leaving her without ever saying goodbye.
As the years have passed, Lino had set aside his emotions and focused on achieving his dream of becoming a furniture designer like Gustin, living a life dedicated to provide a better future for his mother, sister and discontented wife – Jade.
But a business trip to Bali loops Lino back to a past he thought he would never come across with, because there he chances upon Jacky. Old feelings resurface as questions about their derailed love story in the past are answered. But they fight their emotions and resist temptation to honour the promises they made to their respective spouses.
However, Lino is thrown into a conundrum when he discovers that their marriages are far from perfect. And that the people they gave their hearts to; those they trusted most are the ones who will betray them.
Will Lino finally give in to his feelings for Jacky and fight for the chance they never had? When the choice is between your marriage to a woman who has hurt you and the love of your life, is there really a right choice?


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