release date (philippines) 20 March 2016
Action, Drama

Bridges of Love


Two brothers divided by fate and hatred, And the woman who comes in between them.

As young boys, Gael and JR Nakpipl were separated by tragedy and will grow as adults in two different worlds. While Gael lives in hardship and works hard to support their family. Meanwhile, JR will later be known as Carlos Antonio, ruthless and unfeeling. For him, everything and everyone has a price.

After several years of carrying the burdens of the past,the two brothers will meet again through Mia Sandoval, a dancer and the woman they will both fall in love with.

Mia is forever struggling to take control of her life until one man gives her the right rhythm.

Will Mia's love be the bridge to Gael and JR to be brothers again? Or will their love for her further draw them apart? Will Mia get her groove back when the man she loves leaves her and the other offers her a new song to dance to?


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