release date (philippines) 31 January 2016
Romance, Drama

Broken Vows


Irene vows to do everything in her capacity to keep her family intact, especially after her mother abandoned them when she was young.
She falls in love with Jaime, a seemingly perfect gentleman, who promises to stand by her. But she soon finds out that he is already married. Heartbroken, all Irene is left with is a living reminder, their son Myko.
After a few years, Irene reconnects with her childhood friend Natoy. They rediscover each other, fall in love and eventually get married. But Irene still hasn't found her happy ending. She is never fully accepted by Natoy's family by virtue of being a single mother. Further, she is unable to concieve a child with Natoy. The final straw comes when Natoy succumbs to barrio lass Clara during a one-night stand and gets her pregnant.
Can Irene's marriage to Natoy stand the test of fire? Or is her heart made to be broken?