release date (philippines) 10 October 2011
Drama, Family



Budoy is the son of Dr. Anton Maniego and Luisa Maniego, his secretary whom he chose to marry despite his mother’s disapproval. Dr. Anton comes from a family of doctors—his mother Dr. Alberta Maniego is a heart surgeon while his brother Dr. Isaac Maniego is a neurologost.  Bound to success but with no child, Dr. Anton performs an artificial insemination on his wife Luisa. Budoy’s birth is a family blessing, but later on turns into a family shame when they discover that he is suffering from Angelman Syndrome, which delays his intellectual development. 
Budoy is the story of a mentally challenged man who was rejected by his own family because of his handicap. Seen as a disgrace to their highly respected family, Budoy’s grandmother (Dr. Alberta) worked  on a  scheme  to get rid of him.  She sends the child away making at  appear as though he was kidnapped.  Luisa  (Budoy’s mother)  was   devastated  and  mourned  for  her  child  for  several  years.   To  appease  Luisa,  her  husband Synopsis (Dr. Anton) decided to adopt a normal child (BJ) and make Luisa believe that he was Budoy. Unbeknownst to them, BJ is in fact. Grace’s son, the wife of Isaac.
The real Budoy is taken care of by Elena, who treats him as her own and showers him with love and affection. He grows up to become a warm and cheerful young man. But society is not as friendly; because all throughout his growing years, Budoy had to endure society’s ridicule and mockery. But Budoy maintains a positive disposition. He struggles to learn and sees education as a way to alleviate his adoptive family from poverty.  Budoy eventually finds a friend in Jackie, the ex-girlfriend of BJ, whom he meets at the University where he works and studies. Jackie becomes his childhood bestfriend and she has a soft spot for him. However, the friendship of Budoy and Jackie turn out to be something more—Jackie becomes the first girlfriend of Budoy.