release date (philippines) 08 January 2007
Romance, Fantasy



They say that life is a game of destiny and that love is a matter of fate. But what if destiny seems to be playing trick on you? Will you change your destiny if you were given that one chance?
The story of Travis and Jasmine begines when their paths cross as young stowaways in a ship. As they separate, they continue to write each other. Years later, Travis and Jasmine meet again and a beautiful relationship blossoms in the midst of all trials and obstacles. Then the tragic day comes when Jasmine dies from a freak accident.
While Travis wishes hard to turn back time, a mysterious man grants his wish on one condition- that he is not to change anything that has happened. Realizing that this is his last chance to be with Jasmine, he does everything to prevent her death, resulting to ultimate change in circumstances.
How will Jasmine and Travis change their destiny?