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release date (philippines) 11 September 2006
Comedy, Romance

Crazy For You


A crazy romance sprang between Wacky, a rich hunk and Janice, a sexy and beautiful day-hire maid.
Janice was forced to embrace a life in Spain as an overseas worker to help out her family. She takes on the job of cleaning the apartment of Wacky, a foreign student in Barcelona. The two never had the chance to meet, they only communicate by posting notes around the house.
One night, Janice and her friends crashed into a party. There she met Wacky and pretended to be a rich girl by the name of Louis. They fell for each other at first sight. They danced through the night, without Janice knowing that Wacky is her boss and Wacky had no idea that Louis and Janice are on and the same. As Janice returned to work, she discovers that the Wacky she met at the party is the same person that she was working for. Afraid of how Wacky will react, she hid herself and continued to lie about her identity.
As their communication continued, the deeper they fell for each other. But just when you think its going to be a start of a happy journey, Wacky's eex-girlfriend Sabrina, enters the scene. Still crazy in love with Wacky, she will do everything possible to win him back. And the only way to break the new love birds apart is for her to reveal Janice's well-kept secret to Wacky.