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release date (philippines) 15 August 2022
Action, Fantasy



One woman, one stone, one destiny.

A young woman destined to protect a magical artifact must find the courage within herself to face malevolent forces and embrace her calling as a superhero.

At a young age, Narda Custodio knew of her otherworldly destiny to protect a powerful magical stone from beyond the stars – a destiny that her mother, Leonor, once bore and trained her to fulfill. But when extraterrestrial forces came to attack, Leonor was ultimately killed and the stone, lost.

Vowing to follow in her late mother’s footsteps, Narda gets a second chance at her mission when the stone reappears in the midst of a calamity. However, Narda’s deep-seated insecurities make her reluctant to wield it again until a new threat emerges in the form of humans corrupted by strange green crystals – one of the victims being Narda’s best friend, Regina.

Following mass mutations, Narda finally decides to use the stone to fight these superpowered people known as “extras”. But when Regina is shown to be the most powerful of them all in her guise as Valentina, Narda realizes she needs to truly embrace her role as the hero, Darna.


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