release date (philippines) 24 November 2014
Drama, Family

Dream Dad


Sebastian “Baste” Javier, a humble veterinarian, chooses to take over his father’s company as president to salvage his parents’ strained relationship.  From boardroom neophyte, he transforms into an astute businessman, but with a painful cost – Angel, his one great love.  
Broken-hearted, Baste meets Baby, a wide-eyed orphan girl who believes that he is her long-lost father.  
As they spend more time with each other, Baby sees through Baste’s pain and helps him piece his heart back together.
Baste finally notices his devoted executive assistant, Alex, and begins courting her. But he is challenged when Alex’s childhood friend, Paul, resurfaces. And then there’s April, his scheming ex-girlfriend, who is out to rekindle an old flame.  
Baste and Baby develop an unlikely bond between a bachelor relearning the simple joys in life and a young kid who chooses to love despite the odds.  Baste is all set to make Baby’s adoption legal but is disrupted when Baby's biological mother, Bebeth, turns up and contemplates on telling Baby that she is her daughter.