release date (philippines) 19 January 2015
Drama, Family



Young girls Flor and Liza are bound by more than their close friendship. Flor’s parents, Florida and Lt. Crisanto Maristela met while he was on assignment in their insurgent-ridden town. Florida falls for Crisanto but decides to move away when she learns he is married.
Unknown to Florida, Crisanto’s marriage to Beth has been strained for the longest time and not even his love for their daughter Liza can save it.  Thus, when he accidentally meets Florida again, he admits his true feelings to her.  Crisanto and Florida have an affair and later have a daughter, Flor.  It was the happiest time for them, although Florida knows her place as against Crisanto’s legal family in Manila.
Things change when Crisanto is abducted by insurgents and suffers from posttraumatic stress after his rescue.  Florida follows Crisanto to Manila and is unwittingly employed as a helper in Beth’s household. Florida bonds closely with Beth and Liza. She is touched by Beth’s kindness when she asks her to bring Flor to live with them, too.
Flor and Liza embrace each other like sisters. Liza is unaware that they have the same father and Flor keeps quiet to preserve their friendship.
When Crisanto woke from his stupor, he was suddenly confronted by the reality of his indiscretion. Will he choose to stay with his legal family or follow his heart and pick Florida? What happens now to Flor and Liza who are both caught in between?