release date (philippines) 01 May 2017
Drama, Family

Forever My Love (Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin)


In any competition, what matters is what leads you to the finish line.   

His grandmother's pride and joy, Gabriel Viloria’s goals are to one day reunite with his parents and provide for his family. He develops a special bond with Bianca Agbayani, a girl who shares similar dreams. But they part ways when her family moves away and they lose touch with one another.   

As the years go by, Gabriel grows into a fine young man who takes life's challenges head on, juggling work and studies. Similarly, Bianca grows into a promising athlete about to secure a huge endorsement deal.    

As she trains, Bianca catches the heart of the dashing Carlos Dela Vega, the country's top triathlete. She also earns the ire of his bitter ex-girlfriend, the cunning Isabel Reyes.   

But as luck would have it, Gabriel and Bianca's shared interests lead them to be reunited at a triathlon organized by Carlos’ company. As the two reconnect, they slowly fall in love. However, obstacles arise to level the playing field.   

From Carlos' jealousy to Isabel’s schemes, Bianca and Gabriel's love will be threatened by a secret so great, it could ruin the lives of all those connected to it. Will their love endure the heat of the competition? Or will it burn out as the game intensifies?


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