release date (philippines) 27 October 2014
Comedy, Romance



The young and optimistic Agnes, along with her family, friends and neighbors, makes a living out of farming strawberries and making strawberry jam, in a beautiful community called La Presa.

Their quiet life takes a big turn when a mysterious guy falls from his parachute right smack into their delivery truck which is filled with their produce. The guy damaged their goods which is their only way to pay the owner of their farm who has threatened to sell their land to foreign investors, unless they settle their debts within a week. 

Turns out, the shadowy young man is Xander Grande, an heir to a chain of hotels, who is rebelling against his parents’ strict and mandating ways. He pretends to be poor and refuses to pay for the damaged goods, so the La Presa folk detain him. 

Agnes later finds out who Xander really is, and goes to ask his father, Alex, for help. Alex forces Xander to live and work as a strawberry farmer in La Presa to pay for his debt. At first, Xander’s half-heartedness causes further misfortunes. But as his stay in La Presa grew longer, he discovers his innate goodness among his new friends. And he starts falling for Agnes.

Agnes also gets attracted to Xander but she knows he is too rich and good for her, and that one day, Xander will leave and move on once his debts are paid. 

Xander leaves La Presa with the promise of returning one day. For the community and for Agnes. 

Xander fulfills his promise. But unknown to him, his family has already acquired La Presa for a proposed hotel venture. The La Presans are forced to evacuate and start anew in the city. Agnes’ need to survive the cruel life in the city, and Xander’s duties as a Grande eventually tear them apart.

Two years later, Agnes has found love in her best friend and loyal suitor, Andrew. Xander goes back to his first girlfriend, Kate. They are happy, and have moved on with their lives. Or so they thought. 

Will fate find its way to give their love another chance? Their journey to forevermore has just begun.


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