release date (philippines) 26 August 2013
Romance, Drama

Got To Believe


As a child, Joaquin got hit by a stray bullet which gets stuck in his brain. Raised in opulence and now a rebellious young man, he tries to assert his freedom by wanting to study in the big city- something his mother Juliana won't allow.
His world collides with the cheerful and optimistic Chichay, when she is hired to be one of their maids. Chichay is the only one able to handle him, so she earns Juliana's trust to watch over Joaquin. When Juliana finally permits Joaquin to study in the big city, she finds a way for Chichay to be enrolled in the same university.
The dog-cat relationship of Joaquin and Chichay continues, but eventually, they develop affection for each other. Though they are poles apart, one thing bound them: their belief in magic. They believe that one day, all their wishes will come true.
Juliana can't accept that her son would fall for a lowly maid. She does everything to separate the two, going as far as putting Chichay's parents in jeopardy.
Chichay makes a painful decision of choosing her parents over her love for Joaquin. Frustrated and sad, Joaquin meets an accident. The bullet moved inside his brain and this affects his memory. He forgets everything- including Chichay.
Can magic bring back the young love they've always had for each other?


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