release date (philippines) 09 July 2012
Romance, Drama

Hearts On Fire


Andrea and Veronica were raised like sisters, but separated at a young age. Andrea was adopted by a poor family while Veronice was taken in by the rich Miguel and his son Rafael.
While growing up, Veronica develops feelings on Rafael, who, unknown to her, meets and falls in love with Andrea.
Andrea and Veronica's paths cross again as adults and reunited. Andrea, who by now is in a relationship with Rafael, finds out about Veronica's secret desire for her boyfriend. Their love for one man threaten to destroy the close relationship they recently regained.
Acting like an older "sister", Andrea eventually breaks off her relationship with Rafael to give way to Veronica's feelings. Life takes an unexpected turn when Andrea ends up marrying Miguel, her ex-boyfriend's father and adoptive father to Veronica.