release date (philippines) 27 November 2016
Drama, Family

Heaven and Earth


Dey and Lala are childhood best friends with a shared shoe business. After finding love, and getting married, they become mothers who both name their respective daughters ”Princess”.

But their friendship is tested when Ian, Lala’s husband, steals from their company and flees the country. Things worsen when Dey succumbs to illness and dies soon after.   Devastated by the untimely death of his wife, Joey blames Lala for their family’s misfortune.

As the years pass, their children lead very different lives. Dey’s daughter, nicknamed Esang, lives with her struggling, yet close-knit family.  While Princess— Lala’s daughter, grows up wealthy but lonely from rarely seeing her busy mother.

Ultimately, the little girls’ paths cross when they become schoolmates. History repeats itself  when the two become best friends—unaware their mothers once were, too.

Though Joey and Lala keep the past a secret to avoid reopening old wounds, Ian’s return further complicates matters. He also brings along his new girlfriend, Issa, who tries to rip the two best friends apart.

Will Esang and Princess’ friendship be the key to healing the pain of the past? Or will their blood break just like their mothers before them?