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release date (philippines) 28 October 2013
Drama, Fantasy



Along comes Honesto, a boy which will help everyone see the world differently. His story begins when his father, Diego, along with two other men, stumble upon a self-sustaining village deep into the woods. They assimilate themselves into their everyday lives, intending to rob them of their treasure once they have gained their trust. In the process, they unravel the villagers; scret- their noses grow red and large when they tell a lie.
Diego attempts to woo Vina, the chieftain's daughter, and her people's peculiarity becomes a downfall when Vina initially denies her feelings for Diego.
When the true motive of Diego's group is revealed, the chieftain drives them out of the woods. But a pregnant Vina, who professes her love for Diego, takes off to find him. Life outside her village is unkind and unforgiving and her search for Diego seems to be in vain. Vina gives birth, alone, to a boy she names Honesto, and leaves him to Lourdes, a woman who has just lost her own son.
Honesto grows up having his mother's extraordinary trait- his nose swells when he is dishonest and it only goes back to normal when he tells the truth. With the love and kindness of his adoptive family surrounding him, his secret helps him change people and the world around him for the better.