release date (philippines) 04 October 2010
Romance, Fantasy



Hundreds of years ago, vampires arrived from a foreign land. Their malice quickly spread and the powerless humans became their prey. A powerful clan of wolves emerged from the shadows to become the humans’ protectors triggering the start of the war between the vampires and the wolves. The war seems endless but then a powerful seer is shown a prophecy that foretells the birth of the most powerful vampire and the strongest wolf who will be each other’s nemesis. The war will end with the triumph of one and the downfall of the other. With the stage set for an epic battle, two individuals, Mateo and Lia, find themselves drawn to each other, unsuspecting that as they grow closer, they are awakening the powers that are lying dormant in both of them – the same powers that will inevitably tear them apart.
Immortal is a sequel to the hit fantasy series She-Wolf the Last Sentinel.