release date (philippines) 22 August 2011
Comedy, Romance



Jade (My Binondo Girl) is story of  the journey of young a girl named Jade who dreams of being  loved and accepted by her father, for what she is—a loving and caring  daughter.
In China, Zheny Dimaguiba met a poor streetfood vendor named Chen Sy while she was working there.  They fell in-love and soon Zheny got pregnant.  Zheny gave birth to JADE. However, Chen is determined on having  a son,  to the point of  giving up his first born Jade for adoption in China. This prompted Zheny to leave Chen behind to protect her daughter so she went back to Manila while pregnant with their second child. 

Unfortunately, Zheny  suffered a  miscarriage and  lose her son Yuan in the process without  Chen knowing it. 
Jade meanwhile grew up in the Streets of Chinatown, under the care of her hardworking Mom, Zheny and  her grandmother Amor, believing  that her father have passed away.  Barely making ends  meet, both Zheny and   Amor would take turns in keeping  the household sane.  Although life was hard for them, that did not stop  them  from having a happy and contented life.  But despite the love and attention that Jade  got from her family, and best friend Onyx, there was still one thing Jade secretly longed for, the love and care from a father she never  had.
Jade didn’t trust men that easily.  She was only comfortable with one guy, her childhood bestfriend named Onyx, the son of a porter in Chinatown.  Onyx was Jade’s advisor, protector and  defender.  Jade relied on him for almost everything. Soon, this childhood closeness blossomed into romantic love. People around them anticipated that they would end up together.  But neither of the two were ready to accept and verbalize their feelings for of losing the “purity” of their friendship.