release date (philippines) 04 February 2013
Action, Fantasy

Juan Dela Cruz


Juan dela Cruz is a fantasy series of the fight between good and evil. It is the story of an unlikely hero.  Juan dela Cruz is the son of the mortal, Amelia who died giving birth to him. He is an orphan boy brought up in the church by a righteous parish priest, Father Cito, who guided him towards goodness. However, because of his innate temper, the prudish townspeople disliked him except the priest whom he regarded as his father.   One day, the Father Cito was killed by a thief. Juan ended up in the streets, as a simple, kind and yet tough young man. Unknown to him, he is half Warlock, the son of the King of Warlocks & Witches and also the prophesied Prince of Darkness. He is fated to rule over his kind and take over the human race.  However, Juan’s mother is a Keeper of the Cross, coming from an ancient lineage of defenders using the Cross of Steel to destroy the Warlocks and Witches. And the Cross of Steel that his mother left before her death was stolen. This cross is crucial for Juan to protect mankind against the plans of his own clan—the Warlocks and the Witches. The Cross of Steel has the ability to shift into different weapons: a whip, a spear, a bow-and-arrow, and a sword, all with the power to vanquish evil. In Juan’s quest to find the missing Cross of Steel, he meets and falls in love with Rosario, an undercover Witch and Warlock hunter.  How can Juan fulfill his destiny as the next Keeper while struggling against his nature  as a Warlock— a creature he is also destined to destroy?