release date (philippines) 23 April 2017
Romance, Drama

Lost Hearts


A riveting story about pursuing dreams and finding love, "Lost Hearts" reminds us that we will never get lost if we let our hearts guide the way. Tessa and Marga are best friends who share the same goal: making a mark in the world. While Tessa is a simple girl who dreams of becoming a fashion designer, Marga is a beauty queen who aspires to be a high fashion model. They build their dreams together- until Marga betrays Tessa by sleeping with her boyfriend, Caloy.
Determined to start anew, Tessa moves to Manila, where she gives birth to Rafael, her child with Caloy. However, an unknown woman steals her baby. Just as she was close to giving up, she meets Jaime, a rich businessman who helps her get back on her feet. The two then adopt a son, naming him Rafa.
Meanwhile, Marga tries to reconnect with Caloy, apologizing for what she did in the past. Years later, Rafael, now going by the name Potpot, decides to pursue his studies in Manila. There, he meets Vida, Marga's daughter who dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer like her idol Tessa, who is now known in the fashion industry as Teri Laurel.
Having enough of her mother's overbearing attitude, Vida decides to run away from home. She moves into a dorm where she becomes housemates with Potpot, and gets a waitressing job in a bar where she meets Rafa. Once their paths cross again, will Tessa and Marga be able to rekindle their friendship? How will the past effect the lives of Potpot, Vida, and Rafa? Who will choose the road to love and who will take the road of hatred and revenge?


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