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release date (philippines) 13 January 2020

Make It With You


In the picturesque country of Croatia lives an equally beautiful 20-something Overseas Filipino Worker named Billie. Like other people her age, she juggles various jobs to support herself and her family, though she has a more unusual approach to it.
Getting into the culture of matchmaking, she goes on dates to get free meals and sells any gifts she receives – all to save her family’s bakery back in the Philippines. But then, she stumbles on someone unexpected: a clueless Filipino named Gabo.
With no desire to return back home, Gabo is a fish-out-of-water in the city of Dubrovnik and it’s up to Billie to guide him. Eventually, an opportunity for extra income arises when a Croatian socialite starts to fancy Gabo and asks Billy to pair them together. With a new goal to mold Gabo into a man of great respect, Billie’s got her work cut out for her… unaware of what the future has in store.


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