release date (philippines) 06 December 2010
Drama, Family

Mara Clara


Dubbed as the mother of Filipino teleseryes, the remake of Mara Clara presents a modern twist and a whole new cast that the viewers of this generation would surely love.
It all starts when Alvira breaks up with Gary after she got accepted in a college scholarship abroad. Gary turns to Susan for comfort, thinking that his first love would never come home again. But when Alvira did, it becomes evident that Gary's still in love with her but she's already engaged to Amante at the time. The two couples eventually moved on with their lives but Gary takes his revenge by attempting to kidnap Alvira's newborn baby. Due to an unexpected turn of events, however, Alvira and Susan- who gave birth at the same time- end up having their babies switched. The details of this event were recorded by Karlo, a hospital staffer and Clara's real uncle, in his diary. Mara lived as the poor daughter of the couple Susan and Gary David. Clara, the David's real daughter was brought up by the rich couple, Amante and Alvira del Valle. This good-natured couple takes in Mara as a servant and decides to spend for her education not knowing that she is their real daughter. Gary, who is actually a gang/syndicate leader, approves of the idea that Mara lives with the Del Valle's to extort money. Clara makes Mara's life difficult. Will justice be served once Mara and Clara are old enough to discover their real identities?