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release date (philippines) 23 February 2004
Drama, Fantasy



In a small fishing village, a sea diety named Victoria lives among the people as a mortal. She finds love in the person of Elias, and her high spirits cause the sea to bring in much provision for the villagers. This bountiful produce ceases, however, when Elias met and fell in love with Esther. They soon got married and left Victoria in misery that shrouds over the entire sea like an omen.
Cursed for her parents' offense, their daughter Christina turned into a mermaid on her seventh birthday. Esther then painfully parts with Christina and leads her to the ocean where she is safe from angry townspeople who believed that mermaids are creatures of evil luck.
Now known as Marina, the cursed mermaid lives peacefully among her kind, but her strong-will sets her on a quest to find her human roots. She then met Rodge- which they believed as Marina's true love. As they ventures into a lifelong struggle to regain all their losses, they will again face the interminable wrath of Victoria, now possessing the dark powers of "Aram"