release date (philippines) 13 September 2021
Drama, Family

Marry Me, Marry You


Bright and cheerful 10-year-old CAMILLE has been taking care of her sick mom JUDITH who is dying of cancer. Judith entrusts Camille to her 3 loving godmothers ELVIE, MARVI and PAULA. They promise to love and take care of Camille like their own daughter. Years later, Elvie, Marvi and Paula now have families of their own. Camille grew up to be a strong and smart woman who values her adoptive family more than anything in this world. She may have found a big, happy family, but deep in her heart, there is emptiness. She does not have someone to call her own… until she meets ANDREI. The billionaire son of a tech tycoon, Andrei is a sought-after bachelor, and a driven and competitive (but cocky) businessman. He never accepts defeat. He treats business and life like a game that he always needs to win. He is a risk-taker, unafraid to go against the flow, often clashing with his calculated and cold-hearted father, EMILIO. Andrei was abandoned by his mother at a very young age. He grew up having a deep-seeded resentment towards her. He grew up always trying to prove his worth. And this has driven him to become the best that he can be. Andrei hires Camille to woo an important investor for Andrei’s life-changing business venture – the WIFI drones. But what starts out as an ambitious quest unexpectedly turns into a journey of piecing together the broken parts of their lives where they eventually find true love in each other’s arms. But what if Andrei finds out that the mother that he resented all his life is also one of the mothers who loved and adopted Camille? Will Camille choose love over family? Will forgiveness and love overcome the pain and brokenness in Andrei’s heart?


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