release date (philippines) 23 March 2014
Drama, Fantasy



Mira is the unfortunate outcome of a curse caused by her father's infidelity. Since birth, she suffers from discrimination because of her unexplained wood-like skin. But she grows up kind, industrious and obedient because of the love and support of her foster parents, best friends of her late mother.
Amid the taunting and humiliation, Mira is drawn to Jeremy, a boy with vision problems but who is able to see through her kind heart. Jeremy keeps his feelings for Mira to himself since he knows she has her eyes set on his cousin Terrence.
Soon, Mira discovers a way that can transform her into the beautiful lady she always wanted to be- in the person of Bella. However, this gift of beauty she so closely treasures will start to steal the goodness of her heart, as she uses it to get back at her oppressors and exact revenge on those who betrayed her.
What kind of person will she eventually become?


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