release date (philippines) 31 March 2014
Romance, Fantasy

Moon of Desire


Ayla has suffered from discrimination and maltreatment all her life because she is afflicted with a medical condition called hypertrichosis, or having excessive growth of hair all over her body. Now a popular radio DJ of the program Moon of Desire, Ayla hides her insecurities behind the radio booth and finds acceptance from her listeners who seek her advice on love.  Seemingly confident on the outside, Ayla is still hurting over a broken promise made by the one and only person who has shown her kindness and love—her childhood friend Jeff. She once again crosses paths with Jeff, now a successful dermatologist. Jeff will instantly be smitten by the now seductive Ayla without knowing that she is the same odd-looking girl he has loved his whole life.  Unknown to Ayla, Jeff has devoted his time studying medicine to find a cure for her condition. Ayla and Jeff are not the only ones who desire each other as people around them want them just as bad. There’s Vince, a photographer who falls in love with Ayla despite her looks; Tamara, the rich heiress of the company Jeff is working for and who is head-over-heels for him; and Eron, the radio station’s sound engineer who is passionately and secretly in love with DJ Ayla.              
Will Ayla give Jeff a second chance? Or will she seek revenge  for the hurt he caused her? Can Jeff finally heal Ayla and her  broken heart as well?