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release date (philippines) 09 October 2006
Romance, Drama

More than Love


Four lives. Four hearts. Everyone hoping for happiness, freedom, and true love


Jackie is the only child of Don Fidel, a very powerful banker. She is set to marry her long-time fianc√©, a shipping magnate—JB. Being art of a prominent family makes her visible to the public which captured the heart of Eli.


Eli is a simple yet hardworking student and is very much the opposite of Jackie’s social status. Due to their depressing situation, Eli’s brother was forced to join a group that is set to kidnap Jackie. Things did not turn out as planned that led Jackie lose her memory and Eli decides to pretend to be Jackie’s husband. With the passing of time,they fallin love.


While Jackie is believed to be dead, JB finds solace in the arms of Jackie’s cousin, Celine. Until an accident occurs and restores Jackie’s memory. Confused and disoriented she decides to return home. JB and Celine were then foced to deny their relationship.


The entrie mishap has made Don Fidel devastated, vengeful and bitter. He swears to make Eli and his family miserable.