release date (philippines) 22 January 2017
Drama, Family

My Dear Heart


Driven and domineering, Dr. Margaret Divinagracia believes she is the best heart surgeon in the country. She takes on the case of seven-year-old Heart De Jesus, a poor little girl who has a fatal cardiovascular disease, not knowing she is the child of Gia, her estranged daughter.

Years ago, Gia got pregnant by her then-boyfriend, Jude. To ensure her daughter’s future, Dr. Margaret orders the child to be sent away. In an unexpected turn of events, a stranger leaves the baby to Jude’s care while onboard a bus, but she never returns. Feeling an unexplainable warmth in his heart, Jude takes the baby as his own, unaware that the child is actually his real daughter.

Heart grows up with Jude and his wife Clara, living a life full of love and happiness – until they find out she is ill.

Despite Dr. Margaret’s efforts, Heart ends up in a coma. Seeking to accomplish all of her unfinished business on Earth, her consciousness manifests out of her body. She then follows Dr. Margaret, forcing her to change her ways. Together, they embark on a journey to redemption and forgiveness, which eventually leads to the resolution of their intertwined past.


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