release date (philippines) 16 January 2012
Drama, Family

My Eternal


Daniel and Katerina are star-crossed lovers trapped in a world of greed and betrayal.

Daniel's father is Marco, heir to the Montenegros' vast winery who falls madly in love with their worker's daughter Emily. Marco's condescending mother, Margaret, does everything to put a stop to their relationship. When she finds out that Emily is bearing Marco's child, she plots to have the infant Daniel put up for adoption and makes Emily believer her baby is dead. Soon after, Marco builds a family with another woman. Emily vows to return for revenge and will do whatever it takes to be rich like the Montenegros and beat them at their own game.

Meanwhile, Daniel grows up as a poor worker in the vineyard beside the Montenegros- not knowing his real identity. He suffers so much pain and misery in the hands of his new employer, Tomas. But it is in their ruthless environment that he finds a pure and eternal kind of love with Katerina, Tomas' sister.

Unfortunately, Katerina is the girl bound to marry Marco's legitimate son Nathan. Filled with hurt when she marries Nathan, Daniel is forced to leave. He crosses paths with Emily, now rich and successful, who grooms him to bring down the Montenegro empire. Daniel unknowingly becomes his mother's pawn towards his real father's downfall. And Katerina, the woman he loves, may well serve as collateral damage in the crossfire against his own family's kids.


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