release date (philippines) 26 May 2008
Comedy, Romance

My Girl


Harvard-educated, Julian is the heir to his grandfather's hotel business. Used to being responsible, he is a serious and purposeful young man. Hence, he is determined to grant his ailing grandfather's wish for him to search foir his long-lost cousin, Hannah.
It is this single-mindedness that drives Julian to hire a tour guide, Jasmine, to impersonate Hannah. Jasmine is perfect for the job as she is a glib talker who relies on her quick wit and persuasive personality to get by.
The deception forges a bond of friendship between Julian and Jasmine despite their contrasting personalities and social background. But there is Anika- Julian's ex girlfriend who is resolute in reconciling with Julian. Moreover, Julian's best friend, Nico, is not exactly immune to Jasmine's charms either.
Can true love emerge from a foundation of lies for Julian to finally have the right to call Jasmine "My Girl"?