release date (philippines) 20 April 2015
Fantasy, Family



This is the story of Nathaniel, son of Paul and Rachel. As a baby, Nathaniel will be involved in an accident, which will cost him his life. And because Nathaniel died a pure soul, he became an Angel upon reaching Heaven. When Nathaniel was already 7 years old, he will be sent down to Earth for a mission- to restore man's faith in God, and to remind man on their inner goodness, which they may have already forgotten.
Nathaniel ends up in Bayan ng Laging Saklolo, wherein he will be adopted by the Bartolome family, which includes Abner, Beth, Dimas, Hannah and Abi. With them, Nathaniel learns the value of having a family. During Nathaniel's stay here, he will be able to help some people, including his real mother Rachel, who is now separated from Paul.
An Nathaniel continues with his mission, he learns that the root of all evil in town is none other than his real father, Paul, and his grandmother, AVL. Because of this, Nathaniel will do everything in his power to stop Paul and AVL from spreading more evil, not knowing that by doing so, he is pushing Paul farther away from Rachel.