release date (philippines) 27 July 2015
Drama, Family



The series shows life through the eyes of a little girl named Ningning. Born in a secluded island called Isla Baybay, Ningning grew up living a simple life with her father Dondon, her mother Lovely, and her grandmother Mamay. As a fisherman, Dondon barely earns enough to make ends meet but the constant support and love of his family makes him feel like the richest man in the world. Through their love for each other, everyday in Ningning's life seems happy and content. As fate would have it, a strong typhoon ravished the island and destroyed the boat by which Dondon makes his living. This forced the family to leave for the city to find a better life. Although faced with many challenges in their life in the city, Ningning and her family showed that though hope, perseverance, love of family and friends, all things are achievable. Through the eyes of Ningning the world takes on an innocent perception full of beautiful relationships, second chances, forgiveness, and love.